Re: [PATCH] typo in mbyte.c causes incorrect case conversion

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Re: [PATCH] typo in mbyte.c causes incorrect case conversion

Bram Moolenaar

Sertacyildiz wrote:

> Case conversion of characters 'iİıI' doesn't work in tr_TR.UTF-8 locale.
> Setting 'casemap' combinations also doesn't help.
> Correct conversions should be:
>   'Ä°' (U+0130) <--> 'i' (U+0069)
>   'ı' (U+0131) <--> 'I' (U+0049)
> The reason seems to be a typo in mbyte.c, which attached patch
> addresses.
> In utf_toupper() and utf_tolower() there's:
> | #if defined(HAVE_TOWUPPER) && defined(__STDC__ISO_10646__)
> whereas in my /usr/include/features.h, I have:
> | #define __STDC_ISO_10646__              200009L
> ----------------^

I'm glad you found this mistake!

Searching with Google for __STDC__ISO_10646__ only finds Vim sources

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