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Re: Problem with install on windows

Howard Abbey
Hello all,

For installing with Vim 7.2 on Windows XP, which is recommended,
    the vimball
        : mentioned on this list in February, as seen at: ,
        : and also mentioned at: ,
        : but not available on-line that I found,
    or the "" file
        : sent to this list in February 2008,
        : and as a result available at ?

Neither method are available on nor yet, so I thought I'd see if anyone had a recommendation or a copy of the vimball.

I was pleased with the easy Debian installation on my home machine, but I have not figured out how to install "" on my Windows XP work machine.  Reading through the list archives, others have already figured it out, so I'm hesitant to rediscover the wheel.

I do most of my text processing of task and memory-aid lists on removable media that goes into my PDA.  I've long used vim on my home machine, but only recently switched from notepad to Vim on my work machine.  It was a very good choice.
After my Palm with SiEd text editor crashed, I've even started using a iPod nano as a mobile text file viewer with some success.  (The file size limit is frustrating, but usually not a problem.)  I love the platform
portability of text.

Thanks much,

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