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Jussi Hagman
On 31.5.2005, at 15:51, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

> Making Vim work better on Mac OS X is often asked for.

Do you have a list of specific things people have asked for (apart  
from todo.txt)?

> Unfortunately, there appear to be few people that know how to do  
> GUI programming for that platform.

That's true. I'm no expert on that either but I'll try to learn  
enough Carbon -API to make the performance fixes for my friend who's  
using G3 and OS X 10.4.

If I don't get any information otherwise I'm probably going to delete  
quite much code for clarity, at least codewarrior and pre-OS X  
support. This may turn the changes not compatible with vim goals and  
thus not good for inclusion in the mainline.

I'm starting the work tomorrow, I don't know whether I can make it or  
how long it will take...

> The mac-vim list is low on trafic, I don't see a reason to split it  
> up.

Mac-vim list is very very low on traffic. I'd like to see a proper  
bug database online, maybe on It could help development,  
but given the state of things I'm not too hopeful.


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