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Edward L. Fox

Hi Shawn Y. Kim,

(Cross-posting to vim-multibytes)

Thanks for your reply!

On 8/3/07, Shawn Y. Kim <[hidden email]> wrote:

> [...]
> I've also been through the same what you're going through.
> There could be a couple of solutions :
> 1. You could just use your xim. Try to configure vim with these
> options :
>   --enable-xim --enable-gui=gtk2 --enable-multibyte --enable-multilang
> 2. If you really hate XIMs like SCIM and nabi,
> 2-1. you coluld choose to use gtk instead of gtk2
>   --enable-hangulinput --enable-gui=gtk --enable-multibyte --enable-
> multilang --enable-xim=no --enable-fontset
> 2-2. If you want to use the built-in hangulinput module with GTK2,
> there's a way. I'm gonna describe how to do that later.
> Above, I can see Mr.Fox has posted a solution about this. Frankly, I
> didn't really tried that one out.

In fact as Um. Kiwon reported, my patch doesn't work at all. :-(

I don't actually know how many Vimmers in Korean are still using the
Hangul automata. In my impression, I think every Asian user is using
at least one Input Method Engine (IME). If so, the Hangul automata may
not be necessary at all. Or if possible, we could use keymap to
simulate the Hangul automata.

> I, however, got another one, though it has a "critical" limitation.
> Here it is:
> shawn.ygdrasil:~/work/vim7/src$ svn diff feature.h
> Index: feature.h
> ===================================================================
> --- feature.h   (revision 392)
> +++ feature.h   (working copy)
> @@ -674,7 +674,10 @@
>                                          * turn to english mode
>                                          */
>  # if !defined(FEAT_XFONTSET) && defined(HAVE_X11)
> -#  define FEAT_XFONTSET                        /* Hangul input
> requires xfontset */
> +# if !defined(HAVE_GTK2)
> +#  define FEAT_XFONTSET                        /* Hangul input
> requires xfontset
> +                                           only if not featured with
> gtk2 */
> +#endif
>  # endif
>  # if defined(FEAT_XIM) && !defined(LINT)
>         Error: You should select only ONE of XIM and HANGUL INPUT
> shawn.ygdrasil:~/work/vim7/src$
> The one thing that may be bothering you when you use this patch is
> that you HAVE TO always use euc-kr as your encoding.
> If the locale settings of your machine is UTF-8, you've gotta add
> these lines to your .vimrc file :
> set encoding=euc-kr
> set fileencoding=utf-8

Um, it seems that with these settings, I will not be able to edit
files in other CJK languages...

> As to the details of encoding and fileencoding, refer to the vim help
> page.
> Except for that, it works great with GTK+2 with alti-aliased fonts,
> easy to set font, huh?
> But, personally, I prefer to use GTK+1.2 with rasterized, highly-
> optimized fonts like sun-gothic + fixed combination.

By the way, I guess that Gothic was a Japanese font... Three widely
used Korean fonts are named "BatangChe", "DotumChe", "Gulim" and
"GulimChe". Maybe I am wrong...

> Any way, good look.
> Shawn from Seoul ;-)


Edward L. Fox

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