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Tony Mechelynck
On 30/03/10 15:44, Robert H wrote:

> I know there is MacVim but I want a stock Vim. Does it still compile
> cleanly? I ask because I tried and I got:
> make[1]: *** [objects/gui_mac.o] Error 1
> make: *** [first] Error 2
> Plus a whole lot of gui_mac warnings....
> I passed in via a sourced script:
> export CONF_OPT_PERL='--enable-perlinterp'
> export CONF_OPT_PYTHON='--enable-pythoninterp'
> export CONF_OPT_TCL='--enable-tclinterp --with-tcl=tclsh8.5'
> export CONF_OPT_MZSCHEME='--enable-mzschemeinterp'
> export CONF_OPT_CSCOPE='--enable-cscope'
> export CONF_OPT_MULTIBYTE='--enable-multibyte'
> export CONF_OPT_FEAT='--with-features=huge'
> export CONF_OPT_COMPBY='"--with-compiledby=[hidden email]"'
> Bob

There ought to be a gcc error (not a warning) somewhere between the
command line to compile gui_mac.c and the "Error 1" line from make. If
this problem is not yet solved, then if you could paste everything from
that gcc command-line onwards (e.g. from a make log) it would help
tracking the error.

Otherwise, you could also add

        export CONF_OPT_GUI='--disable-gui'

to your sourced script, then run

        make reconfig

to build a console-only Vim which would of course not include the
gui_mac.c module.

I'm moving this thread to vim_dev where it belongs (together with any
questions about problems one gets when compiling Vim). Björn, if you
want to crosspost it to vim_mac, that's your pidgin.

Best regards,
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Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
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