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Tony Mechelynck
Note: My HD crashed this summer, so I lost my address book. I added Steve Hall's address from memory but I'm not sure it is his current address. If he has a newer address, please let him and me know.

On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 5:25 PM, Thomas G. <[hidden email]> wrote:


Is it possible to add to the repository a .desktop file for vim and gvim similar to the gvim.desktop file packaged by archlinux. For the vim.desktop one would obviously have to set Terminal=true.

I can open a pull request if this makes it any easier.

Best regards,

You mean, a desktop icon to launch Console Vim and one to launch gvim? IIUC that should be done at install time (by "make install" on Linux), and on Windows the different desktop icon used by Windows should be installed. I don't know if the current Windows installers (Steve Hall's and Bram's) already do this but I do know that on Windows the desktop launch icons are not called *.desktop

On the Mac I don't know what is used, or if MacVim already does it.

Best regards,

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