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Steve Litt
On Friday 19 March 2010 14:14:17 you wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> I'm using VO on cygwin and had some issues using on paths
> with spaces, the following diff shows added escaped quotes around the paths
> in system calls which seems to fix things, but I've not tested much.
> Cheers
> Sam
> $ diff ~/.vimoutliner/scripts/
> 105,107c105,107
> <       system("sort $TAGFILENAME | uniq > $TEMPTAGFILENAME");
> <       system("rm $TAGFILENAME");
> <       system("mv $TEMPTAGFILENAME $TAGFILENAME");
> ---
> >       system("sort \"$TAGFILENAME\" | uniq > \"$TEMPTAGFILENAME\"");
> >       system("rm \"$TAGFILENAME\"");
> >       system("mv \"$TEMPTAGFILENAME\" \"$TAGFILENAME\"");

Hi Sam,

When I wrote 9 years ago, it never occurred to me to make it
work with paths with spaces in them -- that was considered very bad practice
back then. Also, it never occurred to me that people would come along and
adapt VimOutliner for Windows.

Your solution looks reasonable to me, although I haven't tested it. Maybe
people on the VO list use cygwin and can test your enhancement.


Steve Litt
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