Recording of Vim BOF session

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Recording of Vim BOF session

Bram Moolenaar

The audio recording of the Vim BOF session at the euroOSCON is now

The size of the .wav is 17 Mbyte.  It's a 8000 Hz mono recording.
The .mp3 file is about half that size and still sounds about the same.

The most notable subjects discussed:

0:00: Introduction by Bram: a bit of history, Vim 7 release, current situation
0:10: GUI Tab pages labels: more control over color/bold/etc/ of the text
0:13: file changed outside of Vim
0:23: undo tree view; search in text saved for undo
0:28: Perl integration: Vim functions in Perl directly
0:38: there are 3 match items only, need more
0:47: viper mode
0:48: seven habits of effective text editing
0:55: vertical folds
1:02: formatting text
1.10: the killer feature


FIRST VILLAGER: We have found a witch.  May we burn her?
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