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Recording of Vim presentation available

Bram Moolenaar

Dear Vim users,

A week ago I did a presentation on Vim, called "Seven habits of
effective text editing 2.0".  I was happy to see a lot of people
come to listen to me.  Many more than expected, we ran out of food and
had to get extra chairs.  Thanks to all who were there, it was nice to
have a big audience.  And I was excited to greet some of the people who
I previously only knew through e-mail.

The video of the presentation is now available on Google video:

The presentation itself is about 45 minutes.  With the Q&A included it
is 80 minutes.

If you can't use Google video, you may get the video file from the ftp
This is 507 Mbyte of divx.  You may want to use a mirror site:

It's a lot quicker to get the PDF with the presentation and notes:
This is about 640 Kbyte.

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