Running aap in win9x

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Running aap in win9x

Walter Briscoe
In a recent email to Bram about downloading vim7 to a win9x machine with
aap and cvs, I wrote:

> After CVS completed, I got several messages of a particular type.
> This is a manual transcription of the last:
> CVS.EXE checkout: move away vim7/runtime/lang/memo_no_no.latin1.vim;
> it is in the way.
> I can find no such file nor a reference to it in
> vim7/runtime/lang/CVS/Entries.
> Are you able easily to say what the message means?

Bram had nothing to say in answer to my question.

I found the messages reduced to one about vim7/runtime/doc/VIMTUTOR.1.
It turned out that vimtutor-fr.1 was first created with a short name of
VIMTUTOR.1. When cvs wanted to create VIMTUTOR.1, that slot was
occupied. I solved this with something like:
1) del vimtutor-fr.1;
2) touch VIMTUTOR.1
3) cvs checkout created vimtutor-fr.1 with a short name other than
4) del VIMTUTOR.1
5) cvs checkout created a VIMTUTOR.1

The advise I had found when I searched was to zap the doc directory and
refresh it; that did not work for me; I managed to acquire some
understanding; posting here should disseminate it. ;)

P.S. I found the cvs.exe in fairly
unusable in COMMAND.COM on W9X because it writes some of its messages to
stderr and COMMAND.COM does not support stderr redirection with
constructs like cvs ... > foo 2>&1

P.P.S. I passed a solution to a W9X aap problem to Bram.
The details are unimportant. I have concluded W9X is not a suitable
environment for tracking vim7 development.
Walter Briscoe