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Savin macros for later use

Guido Milanese-4
I know that macros and mappings are one of the most frequently discussed topics, so I do apologise if it is a question posed (n = n + 1) times.
I have written a program that, obviously among other tasks, calls (g)vim and opens a given file. I would like to instruct my program to call (g)vim with a given set of key mappings (the ones saved with 'q', as '@a', for example). Would this be possible?
Example: '@c' write '[', pasts the content of system clipboard using "*p and closes ']'.
I know that I can write all :map and :set settings using :mk. I see two options:

* if I cannot save key mappings, I could map the functions to a key, save them to a file: how can I read from this file?
* could marvim be a good solution? In order to publish my program, I would not like to use functions not provided by standard gvim.

Thank you!
guido, from Northern Italy

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