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Searching for Vim scripts

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vim users,

So far we only had the possibility to search for scripts on the Vim
website.  Of course you could use your favorite search engine, but then
you would find any type of file, not just Vim scripts.

I have now added a search box to the search page on where
you can specifically search for Vim scripts, anywhere on the internet.
This uses Google Code Search.  It not only finds individual "*.vim"
files but also scripts inside archives.  E.g., in the Vim distribution.

There is one extra special thing: You search with a regexp pattern.
Thus what you type in the search box are not keywords, it is different
from a normal Google search.  For example, you can search for
"python.*indent" and find matches in "Python indent", "GetPythonIndent"
and "python_highlight_indent_errors".  The regexp synax used is Posix,
it's different from Vim regexp.

Try it out on the Vim search page (second box from the top):

Happy Vimming!

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