Setting antialiased font in on OS X 10.2

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Setting antialiased font in on OS X 10.2

Nick Lo

I'm just experimenting with/trying out Vim and so far have only had the
following issue for which I cannot find an answer: I seem to be unable
to set the font to not be antialiased (without a hack) in any of the versions for OS X 10.2 downloaded from:

It does not seem to recognise :set noanti or :set noantialias or the
same set in my ~/.vimrc or ~/.gvimrc. What I want to use is Monaco 10
and ironically the only way I seem to be able to get it to be
antialiased is to put in an incorrect setting like so:

set guifont=Monaco:h10:ANSI
set noantialias=0

This hack works in that Vim then works with a non-antialiased font but
it does of course throw up an error message when Vim starts up which
I'd prefer it not to.

Thanks in advance,