Side-effects of <2-LeftMouse> of Vim with manpager in

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Side-effects of <2-LeftMouse> of Vim with manpager in

Yongwei Wu
I have recently found the manpager plugin, and am using it (it is cool!). One problem is that it does not map double-click, like the help file. So I added in my .vimrc:

au FileType manĀ  nmap <buffer> <2-leftmouse> <C-]>

Then, to my bewilderment, I found it worked, but caused unwanted terminal (non-Vim) selection (from top-left to the cursor position). More investigation showed this happened only with the macOS Terminal app, but not iTerm2, or a Linux gnome-terminal. Before I dismissed it as a Terminal bug, double-click in a help file worked very well in the macOS terminal...

Anyone encountered similar problems or had a solution? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Yongwei Wu

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