Sierra disables "iab" abbreviations

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Sierra disables "iab" abbreviations

I manage 3 Mac computers. Two (named BNW and MLZ), I have upgraded recently to macos Sierra.  One (named QQT) remains OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

I constantly use vim on my computers. My .vimrc file contains nearly 13K (13000) "iab" abbreviations.  The .vimrc is identical on all three machines.

I run vim in the bash shell, on the command line, not the gui (not gvim or mvim).

Upgrading to Sierra caused vim to behave as follows:

After I have edited a file for a few minutes, my "iab" abbreviations are no longer transformed automatically.

If I re-save the file, then the "iab" abbreviations are again auto-corrected, or transformed, in real time.

This does not happen on QQT, under El Capitan, only under Sierra.

This leads me to think that under Sierra, something bad has happened to the bash shell.

Has anyone noticed this behavior, or does anyone have a solution?


Jacob Wegelin

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