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Sort folds by a line within the fold


Bookmarks managers never do everything I want them to do - if I have
lots of blocks like this stacked:

               "date_added": "13185720896096372",
               "id": "4",
               "meta_info": {
                 "last_visited_desktop": "13185722028324880"
               "name": "Home | Mobius Communications",
               "type": "url",
               "url": ""

- I presume I could work out a way of folding on the the first and last
curly brace in each block - but then would there be some way of sorting
this stack of folded blocks by the "name" line in each of the blocks?


Philip Rhoades

PO Box 896
Cowra  NSW  2794
E-mail:  [hidden email]

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