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Re: Suggest a Gvim 7.3 new look

Tony Mechelynck
On 10/06/10 19:23, Linda W wrote:

> nico io wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am currently using Gvim 7.2 rebuild with this new toolbar.
>> I think :
>> 1. Gvim has to improve its visual interface to seduce new users.
>> 1.a I suggest the toolbar in 48px size border mixed with the existing
>> menu => Gvim takes a new look AND you can attach your new vimscript
>> plugin to a visual icon
> ----
> I think having an option for a larger border would be great. If we could
> have
> options for smaller/larger icons -- would a great feature. Not everyone
> likes
> small icons. Though long-time users often turn them off entirely,
> I can easily see it appealing to different segments of users.
> If the icons are that large, would it be logical to default to a larger
> initial font as well to keep them aesthetically proportional?
> I agree -- having a new look that a Windows installer might offer or
> default
> to for new users would offer a fresh look. We should make sure it doesn't
> interfere with existing usrs (unless they want it), but fresh looks are
> often
> used in rest of world to freshen up a product.
> Linda

I've just be rereading this old thread prior to archiving it, and after
thinking it over: I'm on the side of choice.

Aesthetics and functionality are certainly not incompatible, but the
former has one difficulty: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm perfectly happy with my gvim and its GNOME2 toolbar, whose buttons
are -- what? 24px on a side maybe. I don't use them much, but I leave
them there: Vim is, among others, about having several different ways to
achieve a single result. For me, though, those icons could be smaller:
in Mozilla SeaMonkey I have a choice between "normal" toolbar icons (the
same size as in gvim) and "small" ones (about 16px) and I use the small
ones. OTOH Epanda wants 48px icons. Well, if that's what he likes, he
may have them, and anyone else who wants them may have them too, as long
as I don't have to use them myself: toolbar icons that size would be
much too big and flashy for my taste, but /de gustibus et coloribus non
est disputandum/.

And if the reason is fashion... one of my sigs (I don't remember if it's
one of those I downloaded from Bram's site) is a quote by Oscar Wilde:
«Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it
every six months.» :-)

Best regards,
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