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Syntax unification: _tag_, _exe_

Claus Atzenbeck
Hello everyone:

I have an improvement request regarding the syntax of _tag_ and _exe_.
For example, I am on a Mac OS X machine which gives me the command
"open" on the terminal, which would open a file, URL, etc. (But you also
could think of any other _exe_ command opening a document.)

The following entry at my .otl file would open the default web browser
with the given URL when pressing ",,e":

        The official VO site _exe_ open

VO also allows to create tags. They allow to jump from one to another
.otl file by pressing "CTRL-]". ("CTRL-t" brings you back.) This is how
they look like:


>From an user perspective, something similar happens: A (kind of) "link"
is followed, first pointing to a web page, the second pointing to an
.otl file. Syntax and interaction, however, are different:

        || _exe_                 |  _tag_                   |
        | needs one line         |  needs two lines         |
        | is executed by ",,e",  |  is executed by "CTRL-t" |

In order to unify this and make it more transparent for the user, I
propose to allow the following syntax for _tag_, equivalent to _exe_:

        Some text _tag_aTagName anOutlinerFile.otl

alternatively with space after "_tag_":

        Some text _tag_ aTagName anOutlinerFile.otl

This also should include the possibility to follow this link by ",,e"
when then cursor is somewhere on this line. (CTRL-t on _tag_ would still

It would be even cool to execute automatically if ",,e"
is executed but the tag found at the cursor's line does not appear in
the tag list. This would get rid of manual updates of tags in .otl

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