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Steve Litt
Hi David,

Taskwarrior desperately, desperately, desperately needs the kind of dog and
pony show (or infomercial) I discussed here:

Bottom part of http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.editors.vim.outliner/4573

Bottom part of http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.editors.vim.outliner/4574


I look at the Taskwarrior website, including the Mission section and the
Philosophy section, and I say "huh?" I ask myself "why should I spend time
learning this?", and no answer appears.

You need to show Taskwarrior in action. In ten minutes install it and use it
to solve a common problem or two. First make people fall in love with it, and
then only later explain it.

On another note, your website makes it sound like the Task program is sort of
a complex command, and you've put a front end on it. This is pretty much what
UMENU does, although to have a full front end toolkit you'd need UMENU, a
record picker, a filepicker, and a form tool.

I've created the recordpicker and filepicker, buggy as they may be.
Unfortunately I could get them only to use Vim cursor movement rather than
Alt+Arrow and the like -- I can't figure out how to write C code that
distinquishes between arrow and Alt+arrow.

I haven't done the form tool. The form tool would be quite difficult. I think
possibly if it finally gets created it will run off something similar to EMDL
(perhaps EFDL), and the input might look something like this:

Form myform
                Area: 80x24
                Topleft: 1,1
        Main data source
                Field fname
                        Type: input output
                        Format: plaintext
                        Validation: subroutine validate_lname
                        Data source: whatever
                                left: line 5, col 18
                                Characters visible 20
                                Characters total 30
                Field fname_prompt
                        Type: prompt
                        Justification: Right
                                Right: line 5, col 16
                        Text: Last name:
A utility would convert this to code for a form, much like my emdlcompile.sh
converts an EMDL outline into a menu.

A little food for thought :-)


Steve Litt
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