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Troubleshooting VO

Steve Litt
Hi all,

I just got one of those "no VO colors, no VO keystrokes" symptoms when I
migrated from Mandriva 2008.1 to Ubuntu 9.04. It happened when I copied my
.vim to the new machine, and it still happened when I installed the VO tarball
right off the VO website.

So I made the following ~/.vim/vo_force.vim:

source ~/.vim/ftdetect/*
source ~/.vim/ftplugin/*
source ~/.vim/syntax/*

And I hooked vo_force.vim to ,,g which is one of the few ,, commands not yet
used. Now, when I open a .otl file, I can do ,,g and it becomes a valid
outline. Of course, I can open a .txt file and it likewise becomes a valid

In attempting to find where Vim's supposed to call vo_base in the three
directories, I did vim -V, which is attached. Meanwhile, here are the first few

sourcing "$VIM/vimrc"ESC[?25lESC[J
Searching for "debian.vim" in
Searching for "/home/slitt/.vim/debian.vim"ESC[J
Searching for "/usr/share/vim/vimfiles/debian.vim"ESC[J
Searching for "/usr/share/vim/vim72/debian.vim"ESC[J
line 11: sourcing "/usr/share/vim/vim72/debian.vim"ESC[J
finished sourcing /usr/share/vim/vim72/debian.vimESC[J
continuing in /usr/share/vim/vimrcESC[J

This type of thing keeps happening. We have to figure out a way to troubleshoot
these, and write it up.



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