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Updated list of features to vote on

Bram Moolenaar

Now that Vim 7.3 has been released, these features no longer need your
votes, as they have been included:

- "add the conceal patch from Vince Negri"
- "add a strong encryption method"
- "Add the relative numbers patch by Markus Heidelberg"
- "add persistent undo: undo is still possible after exiting Vim"

I have removed these items.  If you voted on them, you should now use
your votes for other features.  You can update them here, after logging
in: http://www.vim.org/sponsor/vote.php

You can see the voting results on this page:

You haven't voted yet, or your voting rights have expired?  See this
page on how to be able to vote for Vim features:

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see http://iccf-holland.org/

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