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VO-based todo manager: tkdo 0.6

Scott Scriven-2
So, TKDO v0.6 is out.  It has a bunch of new features.

The tarball is here:


Of course, you can always just run the latest dev version.  It
stays pretty stable, since branches don't get merged until
they're fully cooked.  You can get a copy via bzr by running:

  bzr branch lp:tkdo

Then, to get updates, go into your source dir and run:

  bzr pull

Changes since last time:

    + Added iCalendar file export for due tasks.
    + Added HACKING guide for new developers.
    + Added some usage tips to the README.
    * Made done tasks sort after snoozed tasks.
    * Fixed the 'max_overdue' ceiling (priorities were too high).
    * Misc minor code gardening.
    + Added some contributed utils from Bill Powell:
      'list' colorizer, and a prototype 'add task' command.
    * Added a separator in 'cal' command between past and future events.
    * Fixed '--help' parameter.
    + Added a 'delete task' function.
    + Added optional colors and labels in the score column.
    + Added an optional toolbar at the bottom with configurable
      buttons (useful for tablet devices).
    + Added basic support for hildon lib (for the Nokia n800 tablet).
    + Added a fullscreen toggle (useful on Nokia n800).
    * Made Ctrl-R reload all files instead of refreshing scores.
    * Now displays contexts on their own line.
    * Removed unnecessary indentation in task details.

-- Scott
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