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Steve Litt
Hi all,

Noel has asked me to take the lead in the VO-easy subproject because I'm its
leading proponent. Up until now I was anticipating VO-easy to be written in a
language like the open source Delphi clone or whatever, but before doing that
I took a quick look at Vim's easy mode, and on .otl files it already has a lot
of the outliner features.

Outliner features already incorporated in a VO in Easy mode vim:

* collapse/expand
* Body text (partially -- no way to rewrap)
* Universal collapse expand (via existing VO submenu)

Not supported:
* promote/demote
* body text rewrap
* executable lines

* interoutline linking

I suspect the unsupported stuff is unsupported only because of lack of keyboard
commands. If this is true, it can be solved by adding a VO-easy submenu giving
menu access to commands normally called by ,,e, >>, <<, gq, Ctrl+K and Ctrl+N.

I envision VO-easy as an addon to VO much like Noel made checkboxes, so as not
to polute the existing tax base with stuff most people won't want. The addon
will add the vo-easy submenu and not much else. I'll make sure the added menu
tells the user the regular VO keyboard command so it can be used as a learning
tool. At this time I don't expect to have any Ctrl or Alt substitute keycombos
for 2 reasons:

1) That takes more time to design and program
2) I don't want people learning wrong keystrokes and having to relearn when
switching to VO-fast.

As you all know, I'm a big fan of quick hacks, so my plan at the moment is to
knock off what Noel did with the VO submenu but use more hierarchy and less
linearity. I'll look up the functions to accomplish various outliner
functions. I'll probably need some help figuring out how to make this as an
addon rather than incorporating it into the main thing, and I KNOW I'll need
help having VO do checkboxes, which I consider an absolute must.



Steve Litt
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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stevelitt

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