Version Control Systems Are Not an Unmixed Blessing

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Version Control Systems Are Not an Unmixed Blessing

Tony Mechelynck
Hello Vimmers!

Bram has brought Bill McCarthy's "extra float functions" into "standard"
Vim 7.3 code, and I'm happy for it, but it also taught me that version
control systems are not always obvious to manage.

Since Bram reordered Bill's lines to move the "extra" functions into
alphabetical order with the rest everywhere, the changeset caused a
merge failure. With ftp patches, I would have downloaded them first,
noticed that one of them made Bill's changes redundant, reversed Bill's
patch before applying Bram's and voilà. With Mercurial I didn't find the
simple workflow (which I'm sure exists) to tell Mercurial that, for
src/eval.c only, I wanted to use the file as it existed on the remote
repository, discarding the local changes; and after some tribulations I
finally started afresh on a new clone.

Ah, well, all is well again, :-) and happily that new cloning didn't
make a dent in the monthly traffic allowance included in my present
contract with Belgacom Skynet (42.90 €/month for 75 GB, "20 Mbps"
download (but in practice it's more like 3.6 Mbps, i.e. 450 KB/s, when
downloading a Mozilla nightly), 1.5 Mbps upload (not sure how to measure
that), if the monthly traffic is exceeded it's either downgrade to 64
Kbps or buy in advance a "Volume Pack", 5€ for 5GB, unused part is
carried over to the next time it'll be needed. Ah yes, and every
connection is forcibly interrupted after 36 continuous hours plus-minus
one second. For this month of May I've only used 7.75 GB yet, but the
"next lower" contract is for 8GB @ 32.50€/month, which seems a bit
tight, and the administrative costs of changing the contract (one-time
50€ IIUC) may make it not worth it. I'll think it over.)

With this change there are already three significant improvements in
7.3a over 7.2: relative line numbers, strong encryption, and extra float
functions. Vim 7.3 will be a great release when it comes out!

Happy Vimming!
I cannot conceive that anybody will require multiplications at the rate
of 40,000 or even 4,000 per hour ...
                -- F. H. Wales (1936)

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