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Vim Calendar, past and future

Bram Moolenaar

This has become a tradition: The Vim desktop calendar for 2006 is now
available!  It is made from one sheet of paper that you need to fold.
It has a useful calendar on one side, brief information about ICCF
Holland, Vim, Aap and Zimbu Labs on the other side.

The Calendar is available in Dutch and English.  You can find the links

I think just about everybody can use PDF now, so I didn't make
PostScript files.  Let me know if you do need them.

Past, Present and Future

In 2005 we have seen the Vim 6.4 release and meanwhile work on new
features for Vim 7 continued.  The Vim 6 series is really into bugfixing
mode now, I spend most time working on Vim 7.  I see more remarks
appearing about the nice features it provides, and get problem reports
for Vim 6.x about things that have been fixed in Vim 7.  I suppose it's
about time to get Vim 7 ready for a release!

However, some of the new features are still unfinished and once the
release is out we need to be backwards compatible.  Thus I don't want to
rush things.  I will try to cut down on adding big new features now,
otherwise Vim 7 will never be ready.  It's difficult enough to get some
of the more complicated features (spell checking, omni completion) to a
quality level that people expect of a Vim release.

What happens after Vim 7 very much depends on the support I'm getting.
Fortunately there are quite a few sponsors, but it's still barely enough
to make a living.  Thus I might have to go back to work for money, which
means I won't have so much time for Vim.  We'll see what happens.

Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

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