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Vim Outliner 0.4

Noel Henson

I have been working very hard on a 0.4x release of VO. I have had some
significant obstacles that have thwarted me efforts. I believe, at this
point, that I'm pretty much 'on my own' for the release effort. So I'll 'on
my own' release version 0.4x release candidates as I complete the most
serious bug fixes and feature enhancements.

I'm actually not quite pleased with the help I've been getting on the
project. I have been admonished and actually insulted at some points.  
I have handed out some 7 major tasks to some 6 people that offered help to
move things forward and I have received 0, I mean absolutely, positively,
mathematically, ZERO results on getting assistance. So.... I will be
releasing version 0.4x VO_BASE as I see fit.

These are the goals for the 0.4x release:

* bug fixes for the horrible hosting that is necessary to work in vim. The
result will still be quite sub-optimal due the constraints of vim's
scripting limitations.

* Linux scripts that I have created for post-processing will be included.
We will, as a group, need to determine where they need to be installed in
the Linux file system (perhaps /opt/vo or /usr/local/vo or wherever).

* Smart cut/copy/paste of branches via smartpaste.vim

* Enhanced navigation using shift/meta-arrow (and other) keys.

* A formal definition of a VO file.

* A specification of how plugins work and where they go.

* A vimball, per user, installation option. (system-wide installation is
more difficult and I've received no feedback from the 'vimball expert' that
offered assistance).

* A formal definition of the command prefix ',," that MUST be adhered to
by package creators lest we make fun of them world-wide, on the Internet.

* Windows (ugh) installation support via vimballs.

* Support for more color schemes. David has some wonderful ideas that
should be considered.

* Faster processing of checkboxes (given some constraints).

* Integration with 2html.vim (more generic than but missing
the otl2html features like tables, special highlighting, and other things).

Anything else?

I have a huge list of things that need to be done. If anyone is REALLY
interested in helping, email me at [hidden email]. The tasks range from
about 10 hours to about 40 hours.



  Noel Henson Chips, firmware and embedded systems Work fast. Think well.

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