Vim calendar for 2009

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Vim calendar for 2009

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vim users,

The usual Vim desktop calendar is now available for download and

English - A4 :
English - Letter:
Dutch - A4:

Each is about 300 Kbyte.  A preview can be seen on my home

If you print it on thick paper you can fold it so that it stands on your
desk.  One side contains a useful 12-month calendar.  On the other side
there is brief information about ICCF-Holland, Vim and A-A-P.

Happy Vimming in 2009!

So when I saw the post to comp.editors, I rushed over to the FTP site to
grab it.  So I yank apart the tarball, light x candles, where x= the
vim version multiplied by the md5sum of the source divided by the MAC of
my NIC (8A3FA78155A8A1D346C3C4A), put on black robes, dim the lights,
wave a dead chicken over the hard drive, and summon the power of GNU GCC
with the magic words "make config ; make!".
                [Jason Spence, compiling Vim 5.0]

 /// Bram Moolenaar -- [hidden email] --   \\\
///        sponsor Vim, vote for features -- \\\
\\\        download, build and distribute --        ///
 \\\            help me help AIDS victims --    ///

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