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Vim charity financial results

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vim users,

Vim's charity has done quite well in 2012.  Thank you all for
contributing to the lives of poor children in the south of Uganda!

Currently about 80 children are being sponsored.  One-time donations
help many more children and support families in and around Kibaale with
medical assistance, health education and more.

The financial report can be found on the ICCF website: (English) (Dutch)

A few sponsors stopped last year, while we have several children that
keep asking us for a chance to study.  We really hope we find new
sponsors so that these children can learn a profession.

If you can't afford a cash donation and/or want to get some movies,
music, etc., please use the links on this page to buy at Amazon:

Happy Vimming!

- Bram

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