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Vim external command output encoding

I am trying to get the output from Everything Search in Vim using Everything commandline (es.exe)

This works great in cmd shell but when I do the same in gvim I do not see any accents.

:r !es *.doc
returns all doc files, but all accents (éèòì etc) are not shown.

No problem if I use this in cmd.exe:
es *.doc

These are my settings in gvim:
 if has('multi_byte')
   set encoding=utf-8
   setglobal fenc=utf-8
   set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,cp1252,latin1

I tried to change the encoding of the "everything search" output in gvim:
:e ++enc=utf8
:set bomb
:e ++enc=latin1
:e ++enc=Windows-1252
:e ++enc=ISO-8859-1

No change. I don't see accents.

Current encoding:
:set encoding?
:set termencoding?
:set shell?
:set shellcmdflag?
:set shellpipe?
shellpipe=>%s 2>&1
:set shellredir?
shellredir=>%s 2>&1
:set shellxquote?
set shellxquote=(
:set shellquote?
set shellquote=

What's happening?

ps: it does work when I change shell to powershell but I don't want to use powershell because it messes up all my other external commands using cmd.exe.

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