Vim patches and lack of food

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Vim patches and lack of food

Bram Moolenaar

Greetings, Vim users.

You may have noticed patches for Vim 7 appear at a slow pace.  I
currently have limited time to work on Vim.  And my internet connection
isn't 100% reliable, and SourceForge was down for a day, and [insert
your favorite excuse here]...

On the positive side: I found a nice apartment in Zurich.  Once I have
moved in there and have a proper internet connection again I'll try to
work away the most important items in the todo list.  First the ones for
which I have received a patch (hint!).

While we are enjoying unusually sunny weather here in western Europe,
children in Uganda are suffering from an unusual drought.  Especially in
the area around Kibaale the situation is really bad.  Planted crops
withered and died.  It has not been this bad since 1992.

Kibaale Childrens Centre (KCC), the charity supported by Vim, has
started food assistance to over 400 families.  This has helped them
through the most difficult period.  However, we expect the families to
run out of food again after August, by the end of the dry season.  We
need to prepare to help the children and their families again.

For more background information read about the famine relief program:

Please consider making a donation this month!

- Bram

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