Vim version 6.4 has been released

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Vim version 6.4 has been released

Bram Moolenaar

Announcing:  Vim (Vi IMproved) version 6.4
    Author:  Bram Moolenaar et al.


This is a bugfix release of Vim.  Since Vim 6.3 dozens of reported
problems have been fixed.  Also included are new and updated syntax
files, translated menus and messages.

There are no new features.  This release is only fixing bugs.

A Beta version revealed a few problems, mostly in the creation of the
generated files.  This has been fixed and tested again.  I am confident
that the 6.4 release is the most stable Vim ever!

Once you have installed 6.4 you can find details about the changes since
Vim 6.3 with ":help version-6.4".  There is a long list of fixed bugs.

What is next?

Vim 7!  If I keep getting donations from sponsors and registered Vim
users I will be able to add several "big" features.  One of the new
features is spell checking, it already works quite well.  The list of
votes is an indication of other items that might get added in Vim 7:

What is Vim anyway?

Vim is an almost 100% compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi.  Many
new features have been added: Multi level undo, syntax highlighting,
command line history, filename completion, block operations, etc.  Those
who don't know Vi can probably skip this message, unless you are
prepared to learn something new and useful.  Vim is especially
recommended for editing programs.

Vim runs on almost any Unix flavor, MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1, MS-Windows
95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, OS/2, Atari MiNT, BeOS, VMS, RISC OS, Macintosh and

For more information, see  This is also a great
place to find Vim tips and scripts!

Where to get it

Information about which files to download for what system, obtaining Vim
through Aap, CVS, etc.:

All files can be found below this directory:

A list of mirror sites can be found here:

An overview of the files:

unix/vim-6.4.tar.bz2           sources + runtime files, bzip2 compressed
        The same in parts that fit on a floppy:
  unix/vim-6.4-rt1.tar.gz        runtime files part 1
  unix/vim-6.4-rt2.tar.gz        runtime files part 2
  unix/vim-6.4-src1.tar.gz       sources part 1
  unix/vim-6.4-src2.tar.gz       sources part 2
unix/vim-6.3-6.4.diff.gz       diff between 6.3 and 6.4

extra/vim-6.4-extra.tar.gz     extra files
extra/vim-6.4-lang.tar.gz      multi-language files
extra/vim-6.3-6.4-extra.diff.gz    diff for extra files
extra/vim-6.3-6.4-lang.diff.gz     diff for multi-language files
doc/              help files converted to HTML

DIFFS between 6.4b and 6.4:
unstable/unix/vim-6.4b-6.4.diff.gz          sources and runtime files
unstable/extra/vim-6.4b-6.4-extra.diff.gz   extra files
unstable/extra/vim-6.4b-6.4-lang.diff.gz    multi-language files

pc/gvim64.exe                  self-installing, includes all runtime files,
                                   gvim.exe, vim.exe, etc.
pc/                 runtime files (use with one of the binaries)
pc/               files for translated messages and menus
pc/                  GUI binary for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
pc/               GUI binary with OLE support
pc/                GUI binary for Windows 3.x with Win32s
pc/                16 bits real mode - works on any system
pc/                32 bits protected mode - needs 386 and DPMI
pc/                console version for Windows NT/2000/XP
pc/                sources for PC (with CR-LF)

amiga/vim64rt.tgz              runtime files (always needed)
amiga/vim64bin.tgz             executable files
amiga/vim64src.tgz             sources packed for Amiga

Mailing lists

For user questions you can turn to the Vim mailing list.  There are a
lot of tips, scripts and solutions.  You can ask your Vim questions, but
only if you subscribe.  First search the archive, it is full of useful

If you want to help Vim development or get the latest patches, subscribe
to the vim-dev mailing list.

Subject specific lists:
Multi-byte issues: vim-multibyte
Macintosh issues:  vim-mac

More info on the maillists and links to the archives:

Reporting bugs

Send them to <[hidden email]>.  Please describe the problem precisely.
All the time spent on answering mail is subtracted from the time that is
spent on improving Vim!  Always give a reproducible example and try to
find out which settings or other things influence the appearance of the
bug.  Try starting without your own vimrc file: "vim -u NONE".  Try
different machines if possible.  See ":help bugs" in Vim.  Send me a
patch if you can!

If something needs discussing with other developers, send a message to the
vim-dev mailing list.  You need to subscribe first.


Fixing bugs and adding new features takes an awful lot of time.  Through
your donations Bram will be able to have a part-time job and spend more
time on Vim.  See:

Happy Vimming!

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