Vim website moving to OSDN - outage April 30

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Vim website moving to OSDN - outage April 30

Bram Moolenaar

Hello Vimmers,

We have given it enough time, and the decision is to move to OSDN.
This will take place on April 30, during which time the website will be
read-only until the move is done.

Why OSDN?  Well, SourceForge and OSDN are very similar.  Both have given
us support recently.  What matters is that SourceForge had a multi-days
outage and we have seen nothing like that on OSDN.

Of course it's still possible that problems are uncovered only after
moving.  Thus we keep the option open to move back.  The SourceForge Vim
project will stay, at least for a while.  Only the website moves.

Thanks to Christian Brabandt for doing the work!

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