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W32 executables

Hi Vimmers!

My Vim 6.3 executables for W32 have just been bumped to patchlevel 84.
However, you don't need to download them unless (a) your current version is
earlier than 6.3.080, or (b) you want your current Vim to always display the
latest ":version", because:

Patches 6.3.081 and 6.3.082 are only for Unix
Patch 6.3.083 is only for VMS
Patch 6.3.084 "officializes" makefile changes which I was already using, its
only change to the C source is the patchlevel.

For more details, see http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/vim/ under
'My "changes" distro'.

Happy Vimming!