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Steve Litt
Hi Noel and David,

A guy named Rob Oaks is in the process of writing a book on "Writing with Open
Source Tools", and I'm going to try to convince him him that VimOutliner is a
"must have" chapter in the book.

I'll be recommending to Rob that he 1) Look at the VO Website and 2) Join the
VO mailing list. I think #2 is vitally important because of the amazing ways
some of our list inhabitants are expanding and supplementing their brains with
VO -- it goes far beyond just an outliner to write the structure of a book.

Of course, timing is everything :-) Because of the transition to the new and
better website, currently just displays a "It
Works" page, and at least
once failed to come up for me. In Konqueror it seems to error out with "The
requested operation could not be completed: Connection to Server Closed
Unexpectedly", but then when you retry the page comes up. It could just be my

Anyway, I'm going to try to get Rob to join our mailing list and get a feeling
for the speed, power and breadth of VO, and it would be great if he could be
given access to the new website.



Steve Litt
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