Working with events in itchyny's calendar.vim

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Working with events in itchyny's calendar.vim

Suresh Govindachar`

Started looking at itchyny's caledar.vim.

First, I love the idea of "Vim as an application platform" -- this is
similar to my "Editable User Interface (EUI, eui_vim) : The use of a
text editor as the user interface to applications"

Please help resolve these issues:

1) The views shown with > stop at the clock -- help says that after the
clock-view, there will be the event-view.

2) Pop-up that results from hitting E has the heading "3 PM" -- what is
this, how can it be changed?

3) In the pop-up from hitting E and in the time-line of the day-view,
the events are listed in order of time. However, in the list of events
for the day, the events are listed in the order in which they were
entered. How to fix this?



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