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Wow! gvim now remains maximized

Tony Mechelynck
In gvim 7.3a a8afba7027ae (i.e. with extra float functions built-in)
with gtk2/gnome2 GUI running under Gnome, in a "window" (the OS term)
which had been maximized by the square icon near top right,

        :set guifont=<Tab>
gvim answers:
        :set guifont=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono\ 8|
(where | is the cursor)
        ...                                        <BS>12<Enter>

the Vim screen is still maximized, and the command line is visible:
'lines' and 'columns' have thus been reduced by approx. 33%

        :set gfn=<Tab><BS><BS>8<Enter>

I'm back to what I had before, and *still maximized*. :-) :-) :-)

It used to be that reducing the font size kept 'lines' and 'columns'
constant, thus shrinking the actual Vim screen area, but no more. I
don't know where or when this was changed, but it looks nice.

Best regards,
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