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Josef Fortier
I'm looking at YAML indent behavior and wondering why it behaves is ways that surprise me. I know the author ZyX is sometimes here (and very helpful).

First issue, an error on GetYAMLIndent() call on a blank line generates an error

line   71:
E678: Invalid character after %[dxouU]

Line 71 sets a monster regex which does not contain that string (in fact this string isn't present in the indent file) so I suspect this springs elsewhere (most likely one of the regex's is interpreted).

Second issue (and the more pressing) indents never seem to go back down. A file like this (line numbers are not present in file):

1 test:
2   type: value
4 test2:
5   type: value
6 test3:
7     type: value

When reindented has cascading indent, never returning to 0 line indent:

1 test:
2   type: value
4   test2:
5     type: value
6     test3:
7       type: value

I've not done isolated testing, but I have searched for any redefinition of GetYAMLIndent (none found) which leads me to believe that the issue is reasonably likely to be (at least partly) in the indent file.


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