ability to job_start( vimscript code

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ability to job_start( vimscript code

Ni Va

Just Would like to know if it is possible to job_start a vim script function or vimscript code.

Like this :

        let fichierEntree=expand('$tmp/vim/src/gui.h')
        let mylist = readfile(fichierEntree,'b')
        let idx = 0
        for line in mylist
                if stridx(item,'\(TOOLBAR_BUTTON_\w\+\s\+\)\d\+')>-1
                        let mylist[idx]   = substitute(item,'\(TOOLBAR_BUTTON_\w\+\s\+\)\d\+',submatch(1).'48',"")
                let idx+=1
        call writefile(mylist,fichierEntree,'b')


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