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Horvath Adam

I have a questions, a tried a lot to solve. But until now, no success.
So I subscribed to the list.

My computer settings:
WinXP Prof Hungarian + all patch, Cream (for Vim 6.3.31),
keyboard hungarian, default charset cp1250

ftplugin/xml.vim (at the end):


let workdir = getcwd()
if workdir == "c:/adam/pb/xml/hungarian/functions"
        set encoding=cp1250
if workdir == "c:/adam/pb/xml/portugues/functions"
        set encoding=iso-8859-1


It works fine.

I would edit xml files with different encoding.
But I could not find a way to insert portugues special characters.

In Cream I can insert character with alt+,+code.

If I open
-> encoding=cp1250

and if I open
-> encoding=iso-8859-1

ALT + 224 (in latin1 a special portugues letter a`)
But it not works!!!
Insert the character from the cp1250 table and not latin1.

I need a cream/vim solution, not OS level, e.g.: change keyboard

e.g.:   ALT + changeable ASCII tables. (Possible?)
or:   abbreviation/macro/script

Thanks a lot for answering my trivial question, but for me
it is not so trivial. (Half day until now, without solution)

Adam Horvath