checkboxes no longer working on win xp

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checkboxes no longer working on win xp

Samuel Wright
HI Guys,

Checkboxes no longer work on my win xp vim 7. I have installed some
extra plugins since, but nothing that I can see would affect VO.

The ft is set correctly, highlighting and folding works fine.

in vimoutlinerrc (which is called from _vimrc)
"Common Plugins
" This variable holds name of all VO modules you want to load. Do NOT use ru
" directly in this file, because you will get into many strange surprises. If
" you do not want to load any VO modules leave it blank (default). This
" variable can be freely modified in ~/.vimoutlinerrc.
"let g:vo_modules2load = "checkbox"
let g:vo_modules_load = "checkbox"

" Common Plugins
"so $VIM/vimfiles/plugin/vo_checkbox.vim
"so $VIM/vimfiles/plugin/

what is the difference between modules2load and modules_load ? should
these be names or paths?

I tried the "so" as in the win install instructions, but this does not
work (related to the "ru" advice above?)

Any suggestions?

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