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Ni Va

For a convenience way, I isolate all added plugins outside of my Vim distribution directory as this :

- awesomeplugins/                                                                  
 |+ powershell/                                                                    
 |+ python/                                                                        
 |+ vim/                                                                            
+ third_part/                                                                      
+ vim80/                                                                            
+ vimfiles/                                                                        

Then in my vimrc a little script aims to find and add plugins to runtimepath :

" Check available plugins [Vim Python]
let pluginPathList = split(globpath($vim."\\awesomeplugins", "*"), "\n")
let pluginsDict     = {'vim':[], 'python':[]}

for pluginDir in pluginPathList
        if (pluginDir =~ "plugins.vim")
                " set wildignore=*YouCompleteMe*
                let pluginsDict.vim = split(globpath(pluginDir, "*"), "\n", 'wildignore')
                " set wildignore=
        if (pluginDir =~ "plugins.python")
                let pluginsDict.python = split(globpath(pluginDir, "*"), "\n")

" Vim plugins'path
for pluginpath in pluginsDict.vim

        let &runtimepath.=','.pluginpath
        " Add Vim plugin's help documentation
        if isdirectory(pluginpath."/doc") != 0
                exe "helptags ".pluginpath."/doc"



Then in plug in \Vim\awesomeplugins\vim\backup.vim is located this command :  

command! -n=0 -complete=function BckpDir call backup#BackupDir()

When I open Vim, the command is unrecognized, why ?
Thank you

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