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compiling and posting

ryx ramos
let me try posting too....

by the way, i also have an inquiry. i am trying to learn c++. all the
ide's out there either start slow, have configuration problems, and
hard to understand. sometimes they dont even have good documentation
to start with. i am having difficulty interpreting mingw installation
and cannot find a good site for it. cygwin let you install online but
i am an offline user. i have to go to a cafe for me to read email and
search. not good for a newbie like me. so i found out that micrsoft
c++ compiler is free and was able to install ms visual c++ toolkit
2003 including post install processes. i fire up vim (the greatest
editor in the world! sleek, smart, swift, fully customizable) and try
a hello world. it run. however, when i compile i have to do this

:cl d:\cplusx2\hello.cpp

where, cl is the command line for compiling and linking the program
d:\cpulsx2 is the immediate directory
hello.cpp is obviously the c++ program

would it be possible to remove the immediate directory? since i have
to fire vim like

:e d:\cplusx2\hello.cpp

so i was assuming that vim knows i am working in that directory. or
should i have to configure (or add) something to _vimrc?

please advise

thank you