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Hugo Ahlenius-2
I have a case where my gVim (on win xp) crashes -- it is semi-reproducible.
It always happends when I have loads of files open in different splits and I
edit them at the same from another location, gvim thinks for a bit and then

It can handle when one file has been edited in the background, then I get
the "do you want to load" dialog.

This always happens at the end of the workday when I am about to commit all
my edits to CVS (and still want to have things open, if I need to look
up/fix something).

I can try to narrow it down and see if it could have to do with any plugins
or autocommands, but before that -- does this sound familiar to anyone?

I am on Ton Mechelynck's gvim 6.3 for win32, with all patches - downloaded
it today, in some hopes that it would solve my troubles (no).

Any input is welcome!


Hugo Ahlenius
fraxinus (at)