(debian,ruby,Qt) no completion for Qt with vim

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(debian,ruby,Qt) no completion for Qt with vim


I have a little/big problem with vim and ruby.
little because almost all works fine : on debian I installed vim,vim-ruby,ruby1.8,qt4-qtruby, and Qt.
on vim I have the syntax coloring that's working, and a program like "print require 'Qt4' " returns true : Qt4 is recognized.

but I have not the completion for Qt : if I enter "a=Qt:: " +CTRL X+CTRL O, I have the messsage "pattern not found" .

on vim I have:
:set ofu?     =>  omnifunc=rubycomplete#Complete
:set ft?       =>  filetype=ruby
:filetype      => all 3 are ON

can you help me to have the completion?
or maybe I have made a mistake, an oversight.