directly read .class file inside .jar file

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directly read .class file inside .jar file


I want to use vim directly reading a .class file and displays its text content in a buffer.

just to be clear, .jar is java archive file which essentially is a zip file and vim 7.4 can open it out of the box, and by default shows the folder/file structure zipped in it.

.class file is java compiled byte code, it requires a decompiler to turn it back into human readable text content. I have a decompiler called jad which I can invoke %!jad -noctor -ff -i -p "%" to produce the decompiled text.

so I configured vim to recognized .class filetype and set these settings for the filetype:

silent %!jad -noctor -ff -i -p "%"
set readonly
set filetype=java
silent normal gg=G
set nomodified

this works fine if I explicitly extract these .class files and have them stored on disk. when I open the .class files on the fly within vim (recall vim displays the jar content and pressing Enter instructs vim to open the file in a split window and the file path is the content of the current line), then I got this error:

JavaClassFileReadException: can't open input file on `zipfile:/my/wonderful/jar/file/complicated/path/file.jar::path/to/the/class/definition/file/in/the/original/code/structure/classname.class'

basically jad complains the file is not found and the path in question is given between `' marks, which doesn't look like a regular linux path. my question is, where does vim store this file on disk if it is somewhere on disk at all? I assume vim extracts that one file and puts it as a temp file somewhere on disk, and I want to get access to this temp file and let vim to decompile it and just show me the decompiled text instead of the extracted file.

in case this matters, I am on ubuntu 16.04 and using vim 7.4. Thanks.

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