dosinst.c patch: write to non-redirected registry

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dosinst.c patch: write to non-redirected registry

George V. Reilly
Bram suggested that I send this patch to vim-dev so more people
can try it out.

install.exe writes entries to the Windows registry to set up the
Edit with Vim context menu entry that you get when you right-click
in Explorer.

If you run a 32-bit install.exe on Win64, it will write into
a redirected copy of the registry, which won't work properly.

When running on Win64, you must run a 64-bit gvimext.dll to implement
the Edit with Vim functionality. Gvim.exe need not be 64-bit;
indeed, a 32-bit gvim.exe integrates better with the other language
interfaces, as many of them are not available in a 64-bit flavor.

Bram proposes that the NSIS installer, gvim.nsi, will use a 32-bit
version of install.exe to install a 64-bit gvimext.dll on Win64
and a 32-bit gvimext.dll on Win32. Either way, a 32-bit gvim.exe
would be installed.

This patch uses KEY_WOW64_64KEY to write to the native, non-redirected
registry. It should do the right thing, whether install.exe
is 32-bit or 64-bit, regardless of whether it's run on Win32 or Win64.
/George V. Reilly  [hidden email]  Twitter: @georgevreilly

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