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editing over ssh

Just tried to start to use vim over ssh and has several questions:

1. When I open a new file vim opens an additional NetrwMessage buffer,
(while for existent files it show only one as expected)

What is it for? How to make vim not to open NetrwMessage buffer for new

2. Vim creates a swap file in ~/.vim (my ~ is readonly) and shows it
with vim -r, but don't use it when I open the remote file next time
after killing vim.

How to make vim to recover it automatically?

3. When I do vim -r ~/.vim/test.swp for unexistent file it recovers into
NetrwMessage buffer.

Why so? How to make vim to recover into file buffer?

vim -r shows:
      owned by: sergio   dated: Tue Jun 16 08:47:29 2020
     file name: scp://e/test
      modified: YES
     user name: sergio   host name: t
    process ID: <PID>


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