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Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz
http://gobby.0x539.de/ is about changing the same text file at the same
time.  It's kind of fun, really.  A bit like kids building a snowman,
with many pairs of hands working at the same time.  Please look at the
ascii drawing (the second screenshot in the main page).

I wonder if we could have that kind of cooperative editting on an
outline.  When I tried editting a flat textfile I didn't think of trying
it with tabs; if they can't be used then at least we could have leading
*s or spaces, and change them to tabs at savefile time.

No folding or hoisting or jumping to other outlines, and it appears to
depend on a graphical interface, but other than that this gobby thing is
really cool, GPL and multiplatform.

Like it?

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