gvim visual mode very slow, even with -u NONE

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gvim visual mode very slow, even with -u NONE

John Z.
Hi all,
    I am having problems with graphical vim since not too long ago;
    terminal version works as great as always.

    The problem is that it became very choppy - there's about 500ms-1s
    lag between any keypress and reaction. Keypresses are queued, so if
    I rapidly type, they're executed in sequence, slowly.

    I am running archlinux with xmonad wm. Most of my apps run inside
    urxvt, with browser (palemoon) and gvim being the only graphical
    I am running the compositor (compton), but killing it changed
    The hardware is nothing spectacular, 4y old laptop.
    What follows is list of things I tried before posting here:

    * updating my system, rebooting. No change.
    * vim -g -u NONE -U NONE. No change.
    * killing all other apps. No change.
    * comparing vim vs. vim -g. Terminal version runs normally.
    * strace $(pidof gvim). A gigazillion of failed recvmsg calls and
      few istats. I assumed this is normal behavior because it happens
      in terminal version too.
    * research on open issues: stackoverflow, stackexchange, vim wiki.
      Followed advice on changing fonts, didn't help. I don't use cursor
      lines and columns.
    * asked on #vim on Freenode. Got told to try with -u NONE, and try
      disabling compositor. Didn't help.
    * ldd vim to check which libs are used, went to check libpango and
      libcairo bug trackers for potential issues. Didn't find anything.

    I am not sure what is causing the issue. I found an advice to try
    alternative builds of gvim (using Athena), but before going down
    that road I'd like to try and see if I can fix this, especially
    because it might be affecting other parts of my system too - its
    just that the only symptom I see is in gvim.

    I don't know what else might be relevant. If there's anything,
    please ask.

P.S. I'm sending this mail second time, first time being yesterday; I
     haven't seen the first one pop up, but if it did and I'm spamming,
     I'm real sorry, its not out of malice, but ignorance.

"That gum you like is going to come back in style."

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