gvim, win, cxgwin, rxvt?

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gvim, win, cxgwin, rxvt?

I installed gvim from Antoine.Mechelynck, latest, and I'm using Cygwin to
start gvim with shell function. Problem is when I want to execute shell
command, it gets executed with both bash shell and dos box.
Actually gvim passes for ex.
C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /c d2u xsevzip.log

It gets executed, I get empty dos box, and in bash I get "Hit any key to
close this window" (with all the other program output...).

Just now I see it's because I'm using rxvt as a terminal...
When I start cygwin in dosbox it's all normal as it should be (dos box with
program output shows ... ).

How can I solve this?